Our expertise

Our qualified staff is using last generation refraction material to make precise optical examination.

In France, a prescription for glasses is valid from 3 to 5 years. In between two ophthalmologist exams, we are able to control precisely your vision and make any modification if needed. Our goal is to provide the best comfort and the best efficiency for your vision.

We recommend the most adapted solutions, not only regarding the vision side but also your needs and life conditions. We implement the optical means (glasses, contact lenses, low vision visual aids, …) that will bring the best result. We provide also the control and the follow up of the visual evolution.

All the work from the glass grinding to the mounting is made in house.

Gaëlle Blanc, founder of the Maison des Créateurs, sets a mount in her workshop
Gaëlle Blanc makes the final adjustments to a frame on a client at La Maison des Créateurs
Setting a frame in the workshop of la Maison des Créateurs